Toddler Time - Yellow

Today was week 3 in my color series! Today we focused on the color yellow. :) Appropriate since this has been a dreary rainy vacation week, and I needed a little yellow to brighten things up.

Stories We Shared:

Since today was all about yellow we read books about ducks and construction! Our first book was Job Site by Nathan Clement. Perfect for short attention spans, but with a good vocabulary. Next up was a book that we didn't exactly read, but went with our felt song- Five Little Ducks by Ivan Bates. And we wrapped everything up with Who Made This Cake? by Chihiro Nakagawa, which I really like, but I think went way over the heads of my toddlers. :)

Flannels We Shared:
Just like the previous two weeks we did our Little Bird flannel game. Color matching is a big hit with the kids in my group, so this is a fun game for them all. (Click the link above to check out the felt board.)
Then we sang Five Little Ducks, looked at the pictures in the book above, and used my simple felt board to count down as we sang. Five Little Ducks isn't my favorite song, but it's a classic.

Rhymes We Shared:
It's the middle of my color series, so we repeated the same rhymes from before. We shook our shakers to Shake Your Shaker from Jbrary, waved our scarves to De Colores by Raffi, and twinkled our scarves, fingers, and shakers to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Early Literacy Tips We Shared:

  • Research shows that repetition helps young children form and maintain connections in their brain and nervous systems. 
  • Color and shape are among the first concepts babies learn. Babies can begin to associate words with objects and people as early as 6 months. Parents who identify the color of objects and frequently repeat this concept will find that their toddlers will start to recognize color names quickly. 


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