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Today I'm super happy to share a guest review from Summer, one of the awesome teens here at my library! She did some sleuthing and discovered that I have this blog and asked if she could write for it. I said she could, if it was library related and suggested she write a review for me. Summer reviewed one of her favorite books The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. Check out her review!

Why should you read this book?
If you love the thrill of an adventure or a nail-biting mystery, or heroes falling in love, then you’ll love this!
In the Lost Hero our favorite character, Jason, has his memories wiped out by Hera and is exchanged to Camp Half Blood, by the girlfriend who is eager to find Percy Jackson.
While trapped in the opposite camp of where he came from, he and his friends venture out on nail-biting quests to defeat the giants. Once they complete a mission, they are lured by Gaea’s traps. Usually trying to rescue a friend. Jason is good at everything he does. But where did he come from? Randomly he wakes up on a school bus in the middle of a desert holding hands with a girl he doesn’t know and a goofy boy in front of him claiming to be his best friend. What’s worse is the fact that he doesn’t even know his name. Luckily his new friends know his name. But maybe that’s just another trick of Hera’s. But what he does find out is that he is highly wanted by the sleeping goddess, Gaea. Only the gods will know what will happen to Jason and his friends. Will Gaea succeed in taking over the world? Will she permanently silence the gods?

Read to find out!


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