Toddler Time - Colors!

*I'm going to try a new format today. I just don't have time to write up the whole post, as much as I would like to, so I'm going to write up a summary/outline style instead. Hopefully it works since I've been trying to squeeze in posts when I could and posting things waay late.

Today's Toddler Time was all about COLORS!
After our Hello Song we talked about how colors are everywhere and an easy concept to explore at home. That getting dressed or narrating every day activities is perfect for sharing colors with children.

Books We Shared:

We have 5 board books of Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh, so I was happy to share this story.
I really liked having multiples of the story for parents to share with their child and wish we had more.
I've seen flannel stories of this and think it is riduculously adorable, but don't think it would work with my young group.

My Crayons Talk by Patricia Hubbard was our second story. The kids weren't as into this, I think it was a little too old for them, but they liked seeing the pictures and saying the colors together.

Flannels We Shared:
I brougth out the Little Mouse flannel again this week. They had so much fun last week I watned to give them the opportunity to play the game again.

Movement Activities We Shared:
In addition to free play we had two movement activies this week. Our first was scarf dancing. We LOVE scarves and scarf dancing gives children a chance to work off some energy and also build motor skills. We danced to Des Colores sung by Raffi today.

Our second movement activity was a poem I found on Everything Preschool called The Color That I See. Of course my group is a little young, so everyone stood up and did every activity, but they had fun, and I totally expected it. :)
     The Color That I See
     _____, _____is the color that I see.
     If you’re wearing _____, then show it to me!
     Stand up, turn around.
     Show me your _____, then sit back down!

We repeated this with 4 or 5 colors, then started with socks, shoes, pants, and so on. It was cute watching the children try to figure out if they had on the colors they needed, then deciding that they didn't care and standing up anyway.

Early Literacy Tips We Shared:
  • Colors are everywhere in our world and this is a easy concept to explore with your child. When you do an activity with your child, comment about the colors you are using. Getting dressed is an easy opportunity for this. Say the colors of your child’s clothing as you get dressed together. “Today our shirt is GREEN.” Learning to identify colors is used in many different ways in learning. From science to math to reading colors are everywhere!
  • Colors are so much fun, and they are everywhere. On your walk back to the car today, try out a color walk. Identify different colors in our town as you walk by them. See a blue car? Point it out to your child! Is there a purple flower on the wall? Bring it to your child’s attention. See if they can notice colors as well.
Home Activity
Take your child on a Color Hunt! Go for a walk around the house and hunt for things that are a specific color. Try and find all the things that are RED, YELLOW, GREEN or any color!

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