Toddler Time - Bugs

Bugs Bugs BUGS! Today we read and talked about BUGS. We had a very small group today, so didn't follow the format we usually do. I only had one little boy (darn rain!) but we had a great time. He got a tailored story time just for him and some one-on-one action with dad.

Stories We Shared

We read two stories today. First up was a sparkly board book (which I normally avoid because they're so small and hard to see in a group) called Hello, Bugs. Adorable. Simple, eye-catching and perfect for little ones.
Our second story was I Love Bugs, which was super fun in my small group. We got to talk about all the different bugs shown on each page. It was a great learning opportunity.

Flannels We Shared
Today's flannel was 5 Hungry Ants from Miss Mary Liberry! I didn't have time to create awesome flannels, so I used laminated cardstock images. The kids didn't mind. :)
     5 Hungry Ants
     5 Hungry Ants marching in a line,
     Came upon a picnic where they could dine.
     They marched into the salad,
     They marched into the cake,
     They marched into the pepper….
     Uh oh, that was a mistake!
     AHHHH-CHOOO! (throw ant into the air!)
          4 hungry ants….etc….
Note: We only did 3 Hungry Ants. The favorite was when I tossed the ant into the air after sneezing!

Rhymes We Shared
This boy LOVES the Shaker Song so we sang it a billion times today. OK, maybe like 3. But he loves it. We also sang Eensy Weensy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle today.

Early Literacy Tips We Shared

  • We didn't actually share any specific tips today, because we were one-on one. Instead dad and I just chatted about the different ways learning can be incorporated into play. This dad is fantastic and I am SO glad he's started coming to story time with his son.


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