Toddler Time - Bunnies!

Wow! Two weeks in a row without having to cancel! I'm on a roll. I had a good sized crowd today, with lots of new faces, so the word about Toddler Time is spreading. Which is totally awesome. The program is still pretty much organized chaos, since Toddlers. But they have fun, the parents have fun, and I enjoy it, so that's all that matters.
This story time was all about Bunnies because it's spring. And I like bunnies. (Also I was told to do an Easter story time, but I don't think it really has a place in Story Time since it's a religious holiday. Bunnies was my compromise.) This was also slightly shorter as a story time since I'm still coughing and under the weather.
Onto the books!

Books We Shared:
The first book we shared was What Does Bunny See by Linda Sue
Park. While it isn't my favorite I do love the illustrations in this one. They're bright, colorful, and full of things too look at. The kids who knew their colors liked saying what colors Bunny saw too.

Our second book is an old favorite of mine. We read Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes. Kevin Henkes is a favorite of mine. His stories are so readable- even the longer ones like Wemberly Worried (though I have a soft spot for Wemberly Worried since my cat Winston is a Wemberly). In this one I just love the way Kevin Henkes draws. His rabbit is just so darn cute. And the giant two-page illustration spread of what Rabbit daydreams really got the attention of my kids today.

Flannels We Shared:
This wasn't strictly a flannel, since I just used paper images cut out with a magnet on them. Since I've been sick I've been slacking off on the actual flannels. I will turn it into a real flannel at some point though. This "flannel" is one I created myself based on a rhyme by Jean Warren. I added a few stanzas to her rhyme and made the bunnies a little silly.

     Four Little Bunnies

     By Jean Warren
     Four little bunnies went out to lunch.
     They found some carrots and took a bunch.
     They ate the carrots with a crunch, crunch, crunch!
     Four little bunnies went out to lunch.
     They found some lettuce and took a bunch.
     They ate the lettuce with a munch, munch, munch!
          Broccoli, apple, oranges, spaghetti, cookies

This rhyme was a hit. If nothing else than for the big pictures of food. Even the littlest ones got excited when they saw pictures of food they recognized.

Action Rhymes We Shared:
I found this rhyme on Verona Story Time, a storytime blog by the Verona Public Library. This was a HUGE hit and we ended up singing it four or five times. Which is a lot when it's repeated three times.

     Hop, Hop, Hop Along
     Hop, hop, hop along
     Or bounce on someone’s knee
     Higher and higher and higher and higher
     Bunny-hop with me!
          [Repeat 3 times]

This also makes a great lapsit song with parents holding their baby on their laps. Since I have toddlers we bounced. A lot.

For a second activity I handed out egg shakers and we danced to Raffi's Shake My Sillies Out. I also sang, which surprised some of the parents. :) What can I say? I love Raffi.

Early Literacy Tips We Shared:
This week I tried something different. I reused most of the same tips from last week. I wanted to see if any of the parents rememberd them. I didn't get any comments, but I did get more nods. I might try doing some more repetition. 
  • Learning different animal names will help a child to build their vocabulary. The larger a child’s vocabulary the more words he will be able to recognize and understand in print and in speech.
  • Activities like hopping in place will help your child build coordination and the large muscle groups in his or her legs.


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