Pirates Story Time

For National Talk Like A Pirate Day I held a Pirate themed story time.  :)

To begin with we sang our usual morning songs (our two welcome songs, the months song, the days of the week song, what's the weather) and did our usual routine (welcome, calendar, weather) before I brought out the pirate stories.  Only one child knew that it was National Talk Like A Pirate Day, but that's one more than I thought would know!

Our first story was "How I Became A Pirate" by Melinda Long.  I love the pictures in this one, David Shannon does a fabulous job.

Our first rhyme was One-Eyed Jake
One-Eyed Jake
I'm One-Eyed Jake, the pirate chief
(cover one eye with hand)
A terrible, fearsome ocean thief
(make a mean face)
I have a peg upon my leg
Stand on  one leg)
I have a hook and a dirty look
(make a mean face)
I'm One-Eyed Jake, the pirate chief
(cover one eye with hand)
A terrible, fearsome ocean thief
(make a mean face)
(all yell together) Aargh!

The kids really liked making mean faces for One-Eyed Jake.

Our second story of the day was On a Pirate Ship by Sarah Courtauld.  This one was new to me, but I liked it.  It was a simplistic telling of what pirates do on their ship (cleaned up of course).  It was bright and cheerful and the pictures were engaging.

Our second rhyme was Pirates, Pirates.
Pirates, pirates everywhere,
 (Motion around room)
Pirates climbing stairs,
(Climb stairs)
Pirates giving stares,
(Hand above eyes)
Pirates sitting on chairs.
(Sit down)
Pirates, pirates everywhere!
 (Motion around room)

Then was what everyone was waiting for.  Our flannel.  I used a story I had on my hard drive.  I have no idea where it came from, so if you know please tell me and I can credit.  The story is originally called "The Treasure" and is by Alice Rozario.  To go with our pirate theme I renamed it to "The Tale of Pirate Joe."

The Tale of Pirate Joe
Pirate Joe loved to sail the open seas in his pirate ship.  He liked to climb up the mast, sit in the crow's nest and look over the sea.  One day he dragged his great big treasure chest onto the deck of the pirate ship.  He opened it.  He wanted to look at all his treasures.  But then a great big wave came and swamped his ship and tossed his treasures overboard.
"Oh no!" he said. "I have lost all my treasures." and he was very, very sad.
A big blue whale swam up to the pirate ship and said "Pirate Joe, what's the matter?"
Pirate Joe said: "A great big wave swamped my ship and dragged all my treasures to the bottom of the sea."
The big blue whale said, "Don't cry, I will help you find your treasures." And the whale dove deep, deep down to the bottom of the sea and scooped up a mouthful of treasures from the seabed and brought it up to Pirate Joe.
The blue whale opened his mouth and one by one the treasures from the bottom of the sea plunked onto the deck of teh pirate ship.  Pirate Joe's eyes opened wide and he saw: a jellyfish, a crab, a clam, a star fish, a shrimp, a snail, a seaweed, a scallop, an oyster, a mussel, and a great big OCTOPUS with his legs going all over the place.  The octopus swished his legs and flung them from left to right as he yelled "Oh, No!  What are you doing? We do NOT belong here!" and with a swoosh and a moosh the octopus pushed everything back into teh sea and glided in after them.
Pirate Joe turned to the blue whale and said, "Blue whale, those were not treasures!"
Blue whale blew water through his spout and said, "What do you mean not treasures! Those were the best treasures!  Sea treasures from the deep deep sea.  Have you ever seen such fantastic colors?"
Pirate Joe was quiet.  He thought and thought.  Then he said, "Blue whale you are right.  Those were the most beautiful colors, but I cannot keep those treasures in my treasure chest.  They are alive and belong in the sea."
Blue whale looked at Pirate Joe and grinned.  Then he splashed his tale very hard in the water and caused a big wave to wash over the ship again.  But this time the wave did not take anything away, instead it rained gold coins into the treasure chest. 
Pirate Joe opened his mouth and said "Blue whale, blue whale, what are you doing?"
Blue whale said "Since you cannot keep those treasures from the sea in your chest, I thought that maybe you could keep these shiny things instead.  They are taking up too much space on the seabed."
Pirate Joe smiled and said "Thank you blue whale.  Yes, I can keep them."

At our closing we sang our goodbye song and I collected name tags.  I also left the Pirate Joe flannel out so the kids could play with the set.  Which they really enjoyed. 


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