Toddler Time format

I'm working on a new format for my Toddler story times.  This is the first time I've done a toddler program, my previous library only offered programs for 3+ when I did programming.  When it was finally allowed I had been moved out of children's programming.  So as I go along I am learning and experimenting.

Last session I did:
Opening rhyme
Play time

As I ran the program I was continually researching, reading blogs, and seeing what others did in their programs.  I also offered a survey asking what parents thought at the end of the program.  Unfortunately, I didn't get as many suggestions as I hoped from that.  But, I do think I've picked up some good ideas from other story timers.  So I'm changing how I do things.  I'll see how it goes and tweak things for the fall.

My new format will be:
Welcome songs & announcements
Intro song
Repeat rhyme (a rhyme we will repeat for 3 weeks)
Shake my sillies out (Raffi)
Rotating nursery action rhyme (we will cycle through 4 different rhymes, 1 a week)
Goodbye song
Play time

I'm hoping that this new format will work out well.

*Songs/rhymes will be on a separate post or page, when I'm not using my tablet and have full blogger functionality.


Avid Reader said...

I recommend that you repeat your fingerplays and rhymes twice during storytime. I've had a lot of parents tell me that they love that I do that. Toddlers love love love repetition.

Library Danielle said...

I'm also saying the poems slowly first so that everyone can hear them before we say them together. For my older kids we're doing some poems more as a round- after I say it through once I say a line and they repeat it. Once we've said the whole poem as a round we say it together.

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